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Now that you have read through the details of my site and feel you are convinced and ready to embark on this journey of therapy with me , But then , you realise you  have an issue - you are thousands of miles away from where I practice . Well , don’t worry that can be fixed and taken care!


Well, we can work together on video sessions on fixed dates  and time scheduling in advance  taking into consideration the time zones of where we live .

There is sufficient studies top support that Tele-mental health is sometimes the call and the need of the hour especially like now when we are isolated and home bound with the recent pandemic- COVID 19. . It is also very effective and helpful if you are someone who travels extensively or live in remote parts of the world where getting in for a face to face session can be extremely challenging

Telemental health works ! There are several benefits from distance therapy –

There is sufficient  evidence and studies to support that  telemental health delivered in real time is as effective as those offered face to face 

Key  benefits :

  • When you live far away 

  •  When  you are at work and cannot take time off 

  • When you are travelling for extended periods of time – your committed sessions are not disrupted and maintains continuity 

  • When life gets challenged – by illness, injury , family issues , transportation issues, issues with children’s school and day care 

But , Keeping privacy is top most priority in Distance therapy 

Once an appointment is made , put it on your calendars and the clinic will call you at the designated time to connect you to me. I will  be ready in a confidential safe and  secure place to take the call. In the meantime, you need to find a private, quiet  place to  protect your confidentiality on your end and also to make sure we  avoid any disruption in the quality of our  tele connect.

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