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In-clinic services

What is counselling with me like?

I am committed and genuinely interested in engaging with you at the place where you are and also seeing all the different aspects that truly makes YOU. I realize that this experience can be overwhelming and unnerving for you initially as you bear your soul and reveal all aspects of you and your life but, please be reassured that I will make sure to stay with you and help you do this at your level of comfort and pace .
I have been doing Counselling for over 20 years now, and totally understand that as human beings we engage in habitual patterns of behaviors that have helped us to shield ourselves from pain at various discomforting phases of our lives that we want to ignore or not deal with. These defense mechanisms definitely works on a short term but those that have not worked can catch up at later stages of our lives and can hamper our growth moving forward.
I believe in engaging with utmost authenticity and genuineness with my patients. I am easy mannered, warm and welcoming. I will provide you sufficient comfort and space for you to cry or feel emotional.

You can be rest assured that you will walk out of my session feeling recharged, reassured, validated and motivated to do the work to become a confident and a braver you

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