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Welcome to my site – Hello, Namaste , Namaskaram and Vanakkam !


Thank you for taking the time to look through my website  and considering me  for  working on your counselling needs and  beginning your life’s journey towards a braver and confident you.

You don’t have to face life’s challenges, trials and tribulations alone. When unexpected situations in life arise and cause immense stress and impact your emotions, thoughts and feelings in an overwhelming and debilitating manner, please understand that there is help and you can be healed. Please reach out. 

Do this for yourself – to reclaim your life and live its full potential with confidence.

It’s my honour to help you navigate your life journey,  to  become a better version of yourself and help you re-launch your life as a braver you.

If what you have read on this website resonates with what you are looking for, please call, email or contact me as mentioned below. 

Looking forward to working with you.


Sailaja Menon



Counselling is a facilitative and interactive process where the Counsellor/therapist provides to the client emotional help, guidance, insight, nurturance and clarity to life situations, crises and dilemmas. Counselling can also be perceived as a partnership between the therapist and the client where they explore together to reach a greater understanding and freedom of what may be causing hurt, fear, pain, depression,anxiety,loneliness, estrangement, hopelessness, frustration and/or the lack of meaning in ones life.

People often behave in ways without knowing why they do so and may be living or behaving in ways that they would like to understand better and change. The process of counseling helps to bring insight and awareness to their unconscious feelings and behaviors and the connection between them. This counseling process can eventually allow the individual greater freedom in making choices that eventually  helps them  to achieve self sufficiency, a greater sense of self-worth and empowerment. 


It is not uncommon – every one of us experience sadness, anger, a nagging dissatisfaction, stress, grief and loss, strained relationships. However when we are experiencing some of these states it might be very difficult and hard to know if it is time to seek the help of a professional.

We all know it is important to identify and manage diagnosable mental illness and it is certainly a priority it is also important to understand that seeking psychological help for those symptoms that does not have a clear condition or diagnosis – is equally a priority. This is because it is very possible to relieve self from the endless suffering of some of the symptoms mentioned and actually escalate these states and becoming habitual by avoiding professional help. Read more


“I met with Ms. Menon when I was in one of the worst phases of my life. I had absolutely no will to live. However the year long sessions I had with her transformed and changed me as a person. I have moved to greater heights in my life today, but have not stopped thinking of her support, her care, counsel and determination to get me where I am today! Thank you Ms. Menon! You are god sent for me! "

JP, Client,

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